What are we supporting and which criteria apply?

Funding your project

To apply for funding, please send an email including your contact address, a description of the project you would like to be funded, why you are thinking it fits Café Libertad's funding policy as well as the required amount. Typically, payment is realised per transfer to an account you should include in your email. Subsequently, we are looking forward to reports and pictures of your project for our internal documentation.

Our worldwide focus is on funding small-scale coffee cooperatives and social movements in production countries. However, our Stötebeker Fund has expanded this range to protest movements and projects in other countries.

Funding within EU, however, is limited, unless intended to directly support refugees or activists from the Global South locally or e.g. to support the idea of a solidary economy as a political project and global network. Speakers' fees, travel and board expenses for persons from Europe will not be funded. Material support, i.e. free coffee at soli stalls at rallies or meetings, is available.

Queer-feminist projects are supported via premium on women coop Aprolma's Las Chonas coffee and espresso. As mentioned above, support is not intended for travel expenses and speakers' fees for persons from Europe. Instead, we are supporting general costs of queer-feminist activities, demonstrations, FLTI* (women, lesbians, inter* and trans* people) organisations and women's emancipatory self-organisation against patriarchal violence all over the world.

In general, everyone can apply for funding. As a matter of principle, support is granted for political campaigns, projects and activities, not for individual persons. We are funding exclusively self-organised projects and extra-parliamentary protests. We are not supporting cultural events, even if we like them. We do not in any case fund print products produced in online print shops under exploitative conditions!

Please send requests with „funding“ and a keyword for your project in the subject line to